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Many property owners are currently preparing their landscape budgets for the year 2015 and beyond. What are you considering for your property? Many of our clients are currently planning for new paving, curbing, striping or sidewalks, but what else can you consider for improvements? Weiss CPS suggests many options to not only improve the aesthetics of your property, but also the branding of your property. Improvements to consider might include: Wayfinding signage, lighting and banners, along with site furniture such as benches and trash receptacles. Enhancements to outdoor employee spaces are also a high value oriented elements for commercial property owners to consider. Its been proven that “invigorating outdoor spaces and natural light will improve productivity in the work place.” You may also want to consider creating a designed master plan for your property, especially if your grounds are outdated. Plants maybe overgrown or there are pedestrian safety hazards throughout. A master
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Weiss CPS created a computer generated graphic to determine an eye catching flowering scheme that would enhance the Peabody’s Industrial Center’s identity at the First Avenue gateway. The actual planting island is on the bottom.
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Capital improvement projects to consider
Wayfinding signage helps to “brand” properties to be more identifiable and memorable while guiding visitors around properties.
plan can help to identify highly important deficiencies or safety hazards on a property along with general landscape improvements that further enhance the identity, appeal and value. A master plan can assist with planning for improvements over a longer period of time and less thought is put into determining what to do every year. You can also budget improvements well in advance. You may be also seeking to create a more sustainable landscape to reduce maintenance costs. Weiss’s experienced landscape architects can assist with all of these suggestions for capital improvements.
Fall Plantings: Nurseries are stocked
While we are getting closer into fall and good ole’ winter, this is a great time to do planting enhance- ments. Nurseries just received fresh new plant material including: evergreens, shrubs, trees and ornamental grasses. Weiss CPS can design a new planting project for your property.
Be sure to blow out your irrigation system
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