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When snow hauling is not a viable option due to the amount of snow to be moved and dump site restrictions or availability, it’s time to melt it instead of moving it with the latest snow industry wonder, the snow melter. Since this technologically advanced snow removal service doesn’t require the use of a convoy of tri-axle dump trucks, less air and noise pollution is produced, the latter a consideration to keep in mind for apartment complexes and hospitals where tenants and patients are sleeping and want to stay that way during overnight snow removal. Contact Weiss Commercial Property Services at 978-535-7200  for more info and service reservation.
Melt it, don't move it!  Save money over hauling snow from malls, strip plazas, schools, apartment buildings, corporate campuses, stadium fields and parking lots. Avoid snow dumping expenses and post-season environmental cleanup costs. Advanced filtration system removes debris and discharges clean water. Environmentally safe technology dilutes salt concentrations to EPA approved levels.
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